You are already part of an elite group of awesome summer staff alumni from Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs and Lutheranch! You paid your dues by staying up late with campers, singing camp songs and leading activities. Stay connected to your camp community by joining our official Summer Staff Alumni Network! You will receive alumni news from camp and information about upcoming summer staff alumni gatherings around the southeast. Visit here often.

Join The Network


The purpose of the NovusWay Alumni Network is to keep the summer staff of Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs, and Lutheranch connected to the ministry and to each other.


  • Invite all summer staff alumni to join the Network.
  • Communicate appropriate ministry news.
  • Engage with Alumni and encourage ways to support current summer staff.
  • Organize events & volunteer opportunities to keep members connected to each other and the ministry.

Events & Gatherings