We welcome all who seek God’s love and grace in an outdoor ministry setting. We welcome all as God welcomes all, regardless of race or culture, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, family status, socio-economic circumstances, physical or mental abilities or citizenship. Our unity is in Christ.

Each of our four locations showcases a beautiful setting to reconnect with nature and Jesus. A ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, rooted in the Christian faith, we welcome all to share in the experience of our community. Built to become closer to God, we see your time away here as a chance to refresh before going back into the world to make a difference.

Mission: The Ministries of NovusWay provide experience for all people in God’s creation that inspire faith, build relationships, and transform lives.

Vision: Trusting in God’s promises, lives are transformed to love and serve as part of inclusive communities.

Values: Inclusion, Renewal, Stewardship, Hospitality, Formation, Discipleship

2021 Annual Report Card

NovusWay Ministries


Novus is Latin for “new, fresh, and extraordinary” and NovusWay is a new way for Lutheran outdoor ministries in the southeastern United States.  NovusWay includes four Lutheran camps in the southeast: Lutheridge and Lutherock in the mountains of western North Carolina, Luther Springs near Gainesville, Florida and Lutheranch, one hour west of Atlanta in west Georgia.

  • Lutheridge is the oldest Lutheran site and was established in 1950. Located just minutes from the Asheville Regional Airport, Lutheridge can accommodate over 400 campers and guests at one time and serves all ages year round.
  • Lutherock was established in 1957 and is located in the high mountains of North Carolina and is our high adventure site for older youth and adults who want to be active outdoors.
  • Luther Springs was established in 1997 and can serve 50 youth in five cabins and 60 youth or adults in 30 double occupancy guest rooms. It’s just 30 minutes SE of Gainesville and is quickly moving to the center of life in the Florida/Bahamas Synod.
  • Lutheranch is NovusWay’s newest site established in 2007 and features a new 39-room retreat center that opened in 2017, along with a working horse farm. It is just one hour west of Atlanta, Georgia.


NovusWay, Inc. is an independent nonprofit ministry organization affiliated with the North Carolina, South Carolina, Southeastern, and Florida/Bahamas Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. NovusWay operates four camps for summer programming as well year-round hosted ministry facilities at each site.