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Wheels for Camp


Prices have continued to remain high this year for anything vehicle-related – from renting to buying (new and used).  Like last year, renting our summer vehicle fleet could far exceed our careful budget planning.


We know 16-wheelers won’t work for carrying campers on outings or Lutheroad Day Camp teams, but mini-vans, 12 or 15 passenger vans, 24-passenger or larger church buses are exactly what we need as our NovusWay ministry sites prepare for a full Summer Camp 2023!

Does your congregation have an under-used church vehicle parked somewhere right now that you might loan to one of our sites for Summer Camp 2023?  Our summer camp season begins June 4th and ends by August 5th.

We are happy to work with your congregation in whatever way is best for you.  We will gladly pay to rent your vehicle; accept your no-charge loan of your vehicle and provide you with a charitable gift-in-kind for its use; or gratefully accept the gift of a vehicle you no longer need and want to see put to God’s work again.  While the vehicle is with us at NovusWay, it’s fully covered by our insurance and maintained at our expense.


Vehicles are needed for Summer Camp and Lutheroad at all four sites! Below are our camp-specific needs:


Two mini-vans, One 15 passenger van, and Two golf carts


One mini-van, One 15 passenger van, and One 26 passenger bus

Luther Springs: 

One mini-van, and Two golf carts


One mini-van, Two 12-15 passenger vans, and one F-250 or equivalent truck to pull a horse trailer.


If you’re open to the possibility of helping at any one of our sites, please contact Pastor Jan Setzler, JSetzler@NovusWay.org or (864) 942-2974.