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Update from NovusWay

In our recent announcement, the words “new direction” were unclear and created unnecessary anxiety regarding the future of the ministry. The Board of Trustees and Executive Staff at NovusWay remain committed to a four camp, four Synod ministry that fulfills our mission of providing places set apart to inspire and empower all in Christ’s love. Simply put, the new direction at Lutheridge refers to a change in management structure to be consistent with a proven model at our other sites and used at some other Lutheran Outdoor Ministries (LOM) sites around the country. It does not refer to a change in the programming experience for our campers and guests. We remain firmly committed to offering sound Biblical teaching and theology that aligns with our Lutheran heritage and that of the ELCA.

The future structure at Lutheridge will begin with a new Executive Site Director who will be responsible for the management and oversight of all staff and functions at the Lutheridge site, to include program, hosted ministry (retreat rentals), buildings and grounds, hospitality, guest services, food service, camper and guest relations, etc. The Executive Site Director will be responsible for building their program and site team to ensure the best experience possible for our campers and guests. In continuing our commitment to the Lutheran Church (ELCA) and its values and tradition, rostered leaders (whether Word and Service or Word and Sacrament ) will be sought, when possible, for senior leadership and program roles. The faith formation of children, youth, and adults, together with leadership development of young adults who will be the next generation of leaders in the church and in the world, will remain our focus and priority at all four of our sites. At Lutheridge, specifically, this new management model will further build upon and strengthen the wonderful camp and program history here.

We celebrate and express our gratitude for the leadership, talent, and service of Chandler Carriker and Lori Bode. Both have made tremendous contributions to the ministry and to camp and program ministry occurring at Lutheridge. We are especially grateful for their skillful and safe navigation of summer camp 2021 in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. We also express our gratitude for all of our staff at all of our sites and in our home office who made camp possible this summer.

In response to recent inquiries, we are posting a list of the current Board of Trustees membership on our NovusWay website and have created a dedicated email address for the Board: BoardofTrustees@novusway.org.