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Stimulating Generosity

Stimulating Generosity

“Camp, Lutheridge, is important to both of us,” said Jason Lee, pastor at St. Philip Lutheran in Myrtle Beach, SC. “It is important to Dana and me individually, but also to our family. We know the impact camp makes on the lives of people of all ages. We didn’t need our stimulus check, so we decided to gift it to camp so that impact can reach more children, young adults, families and others.”

Jason and Dana both served on summer camp staff and have attended Family camp with their children, Jonah and Anna, for years. “Our children will be in First Camp this year, so we plan to lead C3ARE (Bible Study) for the Night Owls program Christmas Week at Lutheridge. Many of the children they attended family camp with will now be in their First Camp cabins.”

“We invite others to join us in supporting camp to keep it strong. We want camp to be able to pick up right where it left off with strong, caring, Christ-centered ministries as soon as we can all gather again.”

Jason and Dana are not alone in their decision to use their stimulus check as a way to be generous above and beyond their normal giving to camp.

Tom and Ethelyn Hegele, members at Christ the King Lutheran in Cary, NC included camp in their stimulus check giving. “I served on the board of NovusWay,” said Tom. “But my wife and two children, Chris and Julia, were all campers and summer staff. Camp is very important to us and we can’t wait to get back there as soon as it is safe to do so.”

“We didn’t need our stimulus check, so we decided to spread it around – and camp was on our list of important ministries to support,” Tom shared with Deacon Mitzie Schafer, our Vice President for Development.

“We are so grateful for each of donors and volunteers,” said Mitzie. “This is truly a shared ministry, and it is encouraging and life giving to see how so many are stepping up to give more to keep camp strong at this time.”

For more information about giving to camp click here or contact us directly at give@novusway.org or 828-684-2361.


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