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PSNC Easement at Lutheridge

The NovusWay Board of Trustees recently granted permission to PSNC Energy for a 50-foot easement to run a gas line along the edge of Highway 25 on the entrance field and along the edge of the property to the top of the hill before exiting the site and crossing Airport Road (see map below). The easement is needed in order for PSNC to install a 20” natural gas line to the Lake Julian Power Plant in South Asheville. This became necessary when Duke Energy abandoned its plan to run high voltage power lines from South Carolina to the plant. Duke Energy already has a 25’ easement for an 8” gas line which they will dig up during the installation, which should begin before year-end.

The board consulted legal counsel who said that it would be very costly and next to impossible to contest the easement since Lutheridge previously granted permission for an easement for an 8” line in the 1990s. According to Craig Rieger, VP of Sites and Facilities, the approach was to negotiate to get the best possible terms with the least negative impact on the campus. For example, Rieger explained, “the easement will mainly follow the existing 25’ easement, so the impact to the site will be reduced; they accepted our suggestions for re-routing the line, so it won’t impact Whisnant Chapel or the Quiet Way Nature Trail. While the installation will cause quite a mess, most guests won’t be aware of the easement after the work is completed.” Rieger went on to say that the funds will be used to complete funding for installing lights at the new swimming pool and to help cover the cost of remodeling Pioneer cabins.

For additional information or questions, Craig Rieger can be reached at crieger@NovusWay.com or by calling 828-209-6313.