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NovusWay-Lutheran Services Carolinas Announcement

NovusWay announces that it has finally closed on the sale of the land occupied by Trinity View, a senior living community that is a part of Lutheran Services Carolinas (“LSC”).  As previously announced, LSC earlier this year agreed to make an investment of $1,050,000 in NovusWay in exchange for the transfer in ownership to LSC of the land occupied by Trinity View for over 30 years under a 99-year lease at only a nominal annual payment.

As the mission for both organizations has evolved over time, the Boards of LSC and NovusWay agreed that it would be in the best interests of both organizations for LSC to obtain outright ownership of the Trinity View land at a price reflective of the special relationship between the two facilities.  In addition, to facilitate its anticipated future needs, LSC has an option to purchase from NovusWay up to an additional three acres adjoining the current Trinity View site, on land that will not adversely impact Lutheridge’s ability to serve its mission.  If LSC moves forward at a later time, such a sale will be at a reasonable market price.

The funds received from this sale are a part of a larger effort by the NovusWay Board to help meet the short-term financial needs of the organization as it continues to move past the lingering effects of the pandemic and recent high inflation.  Floyd Self, the President of the NovusWay Board, explained the larger context for this sale: “Our two recent land sales, and LSC’s option for up to 3 more acres, are the full extent of using land sales to bridge us through the current financial needs.  The Board is very actively engaged in developing a long-term financial plan and resources that will enable all four of our camps to grow and remain vital places of retreat and faith development.”

Part of this planning includes a major milestone for Lutheridge.  Van Van Horne, the Executive Director of Lutheridge, shared, “It is hard to believe in 2025 Lutheridge celebrates its seventy-fifth anniversary.  We are looking forward to a variety of events throughout the year that will reflect Lutheridge’s shared love of ministry and service, which will culminate in a grand celebration August 15-17, 2025.  Over these next two years, we anticipate special announcements about programs and facilities at Lutheridge that reflect our vision for ministry in this special place.”

All four NovusWay camps –Lutheranch, Lutherock, Luther Springs, and Lutheridge – had a full slate of programs this past summer, and the leadership team at each camp is already deep in planning new and expanded programming for next summer.  In the meantime, the NovusWay Board will continue to seek financial support through the gracious gifts of our participants and benefactors who faithfully support this important ministry.  We are also investigating various strategic opportunities to enhance our operations and finances so that our camps remain a relevant and vital leader in the delivery of faith-filled experiences for all ages for years to come.