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Lutheranch Vision Group Members Named

The NovusWay Board of Directors charged us to assemble a Lutheranch Vision Group with the purpose of determining how Lutheranch fits into the overall mission and vision of NovusWay and, in light of that, the future purpose and vision of the site. Mike is taking the primary leadership role for the group who will, at minimum, bring an interim report to the March meeting of the Board.

Because of our long-term connections to the ministry, we recognize there are varying opinions, beliefs, attachments, and concerns about and for each site. Lutheranch is no stranger to this.  We intentionally identified group members who bring a connection to Lutheranch and an understanding of the overall ministry. A passion for programming and people who understand the financial best practices required to ensure a ministry thrives were a requirement for group members.  Several members were part of the original visioning of Lutheranch, and all are interested in what is best for Lutheranch and the overall ministry of NovusWay.

Everyone we asked to serve said yes. It is a very gifted group, and we are grateful for their willingness to serve. They have a great deal of work in front of them.

The team includes:

  • Paul Schabacker from Birmingham, Alabama.  Paul chaired the team that found Lutheranch.  He is also a long-time friend of all of NovusWay and is a previous Board member.
  • Amy Carpenter from Atlanta, Georgia. Amy is a former NovusWay Board member, worked to raise money for Lutheranch, and has connections to all of the NovusWay camps. Amy and her husband Walt, along with 3 generations of her family, are long-time supporters of the ministry.  Amy and son Alan were campers.
  • Ranate Patrick from Snellville, Georgia.  Ranate currently the Vice President of the NovusWay board.  She and David have been long term supporters of the ministry, including serving as a C3ARE leaders once a summer for over 25 years and leading the biannual Lutheridge Scrap Camp retreats for several years. Her children have been campers and counselors at Lutheridge.
  • Michael DeNise from Salisbury, North Carolina.  Michael serves as the Director of Finance of the North Carolina Synod and has been a leader of family camp at Lutheridge. He has previous experience as an Executive Director with the YMCA, which has a model of multiple sites under a unified mission.
  • Bishop Kevin Strickland from Atlanta, Georgia.  Bishop Strickland is the bishop of the territory where Lutheranch is located and serves on the Board for NovusWay. He served on summer staff at Lutheridge.
  • Rev. Michael Jannett from Atlanta, Georgia.  Pastor Jannett serves as an Assistant to Bishop Strickland and is responsible for bringing numerous groups to Lutheranch.  He is also a friend of all of NovusWay ministry sites.  Along with the Bishop, Michael will help keep this work connected to the needs and desires of the rostered leaders in the synod.
  • Ken Anderson from Cumming, Georgia. Ken was a business owner prior to retirement and served as the NovusWay Board Treasurer when he was on the board.  Ken’s wife, Holly, leads quilt retreats at Lutheranch.
  • Wendy Roberts of Charlotte, North Carolina. Wendy serves as the NC Synod Candidacy Coordinator and understands the relationship between camp and church leadership. She and her daughter have been campers at Lutheranch for two summers. Wendy was a summer staff member at Lutherock.
  • Mike Ward, Arden, North Carolina. Mike is currently co-CEO of NovusWay and served as VP of Advancement, raising the money to acquire Lutheranch. He was a camper, counselor, and program director at Lutherock.

As a part of their work, we have asked group members to maintain the confidentiality of conversations and discussions until a report is made to the board. We will provide opportunities, including a survey, for constituents to share their questions and feedback to help inform the process. To ensure we hear feedback in a fair and strategic manner, please take the survey in lieu of contacting individual group members. This will also help honor and protect their time commitment to this group.

Join us in praying for this group and the important work they share on behalf of the ministry.

Mike & Mitzie
Intentional Interim Co-CEOs