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Watch our Back To Camp Day of Giving right here!

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Our Goal

Light the Fire: The Summer Camp 2021 Appeal serves to address the significant loss of revenue as a result of suspending summer camp 2020 programming for the health and safety of campers, guests and staff in response to COVID-19. Our goals for the appeal between May 22, 2020 and May 31, 2021 for summer camp 2021 include:

  • $1.8 Million in Light the Fire Appeal gifts.  (Latest Update September 1: $800,000+ raised)
  • 400 donors begin new monthly/recurring gifts. (Latest Update September 1: 156 recurring gifts)

Our Reality

The emotional and financial loss of an entire summer of camp is profound and presents a new reality for the ministry.

The Emotional and Long-term Impact

This year, campers and guests will not have access to the life-changing relationships formed at camp. They will miss out on time spent in God’s good creation. They will lose the opportunity to build independence and venture into new challenges that take them out of their comfort zone and away from electronics. The loss of a full summer of leadership training adversely effects both the development of our future leaders and the impact these future leaders will have in our churches, our communities, and the world.

The Financial Impact

Programs like Wild Women, Faith Alive, and Summer Camp are our core ministry. In a normal year, 50% of our revenue is generated from these beloved programs. To be good stewards of these sacred spaces, we rent our facilities when programs are not offered. This creates 25% of our annual revenue. The generosity of our donors makes up the remaining 25% of the annual revenue needed to impact the lives of campers, counselors, and guests. Over the last two years, through hard work and a shift in marketing strategies, we have seen significant increases in revenue. The ministry has been on an upward trend toward annual sustainability. The first quarter of 2020 was one of our strongest ever. Then everything stopped. The loss of summer camp and key programs like Wild Women, as well as the loss of a significant percentage of retreat revenue, poses a threat to this upward trajectory and the long term sustainability of the ministry.

Our Promise

In keeping with our mission, the 12-month Light the Fire Appeal supports the efforts of the NovusWay Board of Trustees and staff to:

1. Build a strong and healthy summer camp program for 2021.
2. Care for these sacred camp spaces and facilities as we also work to prepare them for a post Covid-19 environment.
3. Evaluate and adjust beloved fall and spring programs at all four sites to make them safe for guests during this time of uncertainty.
4. Develop young adult leaders by maintaining focused connections to those chosen to serve on summer staff 2020.
5. Provide virtual connections to camp for campers, families and friends of camp.
6. Provide safe opportunities for families to utilize camp and maintain their connection.
7. Continue to care for and support our dedicated year-round staff members who make all of the above possible.

Let’s Light the Fire! Ways to Give

Join each of our Board of Trustees members and our executive team members – Be a Spark!
There are THREE PRIMARY WAYS to give to the Light the Fire Appeal:

  1. Start a monthly gift to the ministry by clicking here. It’s like subscribing to camp. Monthly gifts provide a sustainable revenue model to carry us far into the future.
  2. Increase your annual giving to the ministry over these next 12 months. Make your annual gift online here, by mail, by stock transfer, etc. Contact our office for help or questions at 828-684-2361 or click here to learn more.
  3. Pay off a multi-year pledge *early.


*Now is the ideal time for itemizing donors to pay off large pledges or make their largest gift ever to the ministry. The CARES Act removes the 60% cap on charitable deductions of your adjusted gross income for 2020. For those who do not itemize, you can now take a one time deduction of up to $300 for cash gifts made to charitable organizations in 2020.

Join Others in Giving

“St. Matthew’s Lutheran Charleston, like so many, shares in the disappointment that Lutheridge will not be open for ministry during Summer 2020. We agree with this careful approach during the pandemic. Our 40 campers and staff were looking forward to another Spirit-filled week at Lutheridge this summer. To ensure that ministry will continue in the future, St. Matthew’s voted enthusiastically to support Lutheridge and NovusWay Ministries with a gift that we hope will help during this time of pandemic wilderness. Don’t despair: God walks with us through the wilderness, and wilderness does not last forever.” – Rev. Dr. Eric Childers

“As a member of the NovusWay Board of Trustees, I see first-hand the positive impact our camps have on the lives of our campers, counselors, congregations, and guests.

Along with my fellow board members, I am committed to increasing my giving over the next 12 months to ensure the strength and stability of our camps for today and years to come. I invite all who love our camps to join me.” – Charles R. Bridgers, President, NovusWay Board of Trustees


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