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When Jake got home from Lutherock, he wanted to read his Bible more.

Jake spent a week at Lutherock last summer. As a 3rd grader, it was the first time he was eligible to be a summer camper. “He’s always wanted to go to Lutherock and he begged us,” says Jake’s mom Becca. “So, he invited his cousin and they went together.”

As former Lutherock summer staff members, Becca and her husband Jordan knew Jake would have a great week. “We love the religious life at camp,” Becca says. “It’s a great introduction for kids who have never had church in their lives. And for those who are already active in faith communities, it’s nice to be around kids who believe in Jesus the way they do.”

Becca says Jake has always been interested in the Bible and loves bible stories, but his week at Lutherock sparked a new level of enthusiasm for him. “After his week at camp, Jake picked up his bible a lot and he wanted to dive in more,” she remembers. “The way they learned about and talked about the Bible at camp really made an impact on him.”

Jacob Benington was Jake’s counselor last summer. He remembers being intentional about the time campers spent talking about the Bible. “We created safe space for campers during their group Bible studies and devotional time,” Jacob recalls. “It was a special time where kids could interact with the Bible together.”

As a counselor, Jacob knows that being at camp encourages campers to understand how the Bible connects with their lives in new ways. “At Lutherock, kids face some rigorous challenges,” says Jacob, “but they are also taught the skills to overcome them. Throughout the week at camp, we discussed multiple stories of great heroes in the Bible. I believe these stories helped motivate campers like Jake to take on these challenges and adapt the lessons into everyday life.”

Becca sees the way the challenges and lessons of camp make an impact every day. “Camp does such a great job getting faith into normal life,” she says. “It’s a part of everything they do. And those camp experiences enhance our family’s faith life all year long.”

Your gifts to NovusWay give campers like Jake the opportunity to learn how the Bible strengthens us for lives of faith and counselors like Jacob the tools to be great mentors for children of God. Thank you for helping us form faith, build community, and develop strong leaders.