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Cabin Time Videos Reach Campers at Home

Summer camp at Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs and Lutheranch is built on a foundation of living, playing, exploring and learning in small groups called cabin groups. Each cabin group includes 6-8 children and a college age counselor to shepherd them through their week of camp. We hear time and again from campers and parents that the relationships built within these groups are life changing. Children learn cooperation, empathy, sharing, independence, encouragement and love. The closeness and intensity of living together in a cabin group for a full week helps children develop relationship skills and self-reliance.

Each night of camp, counselors lead campers in Cabin Time; a time of reflection and sharing about the day. This time helps center children in the faith and solidify relationships. Cabin Time begins with lighting a candle. Each person in the cabin shares a positive thing from the day (a high), a not so great thing from the day (a low) and a God moment. Campers share a scripture verse and end in song and prayer for one another.

In this time of social distancing, we at NovusWay acknowledge that children are missing out on the closeness of relationships with friends, family and church members. In response to this loss in their lives, NovusWay is offering virtual Cabin Time videos daily. Each day, “Cabin Groups” at home are invited to end their day by lighting a candle and singing a camp song. We read and reflect on a daily scripture verse and provide an activity that Cabin Groups can do at home. Then, to honor the most important component of Cabin Time at camp, we ask campers to pause the video and share their own Highs, Lows and God Moments.

The response has been tremendously positive from our campers, donors and from others who have found Cabin Times through virtual shares. We have even received positive feedback from those social distancing at home alone. They are watching Cabin Time with a friend or family member from afar and sharing their Highs, Lows and God Moments over Zoom or the phone.

“At camp, gathering people in intentional healthy and affirming community is what we do best,” said Chandler Carriker, Vice President for Program and Engagement. “While we are unable to do  this at our beautiful camps right now, we are bringing that positive relationship into the homes of our campers.”

Join Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs and Lutheranch every day at 4 pm for Cabin Time on one of our social media accounts.

Missed a Cabin Time or would like to watch at a different time? Visit our Facebook pages to view all Cabin Time videos.
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P.S. You can also watch on the LutheridgeLutherock, and Lutheranch YouTube channels.