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Music Week Virtual Choir

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Join us here at 7 pm on Sunday, February 14th for the premiere of the Music Week Virtual Choir Service featuring Holden Evening Prayer. You can also watch on the Lutheridge Facebook page and YouTube page.

Music Week has been one of the great traditions of summer at Lutheridge. We first want to share that in a joint decision between Lutheridge leadership and Music Week leaders, out of an abundance of caution, we have decided not to schedule Adult Music Week for the Summer of 2021. We plan for an Adult Music Week Retreat from Thursday, August 12th through Saturday, August 14th, 2021. Save that date and keep an eye on lutheridge.com for registration information very soon.

But that can’t stop us from continuing to lift a joyful noise to the Lord. Many wonderful friendships have been built on this mountain as you and others have made wonderful music to the Lord. Sadly, singing together in a shared sacred space has been something we all have missed in these pandemic times.

The Music Week planning team would like to invite you and all who love making a joyful noise on this mountain to join in the MUSIC WEEK VIRTUAL CHOIR PROJECT. We will bring together your voices to sing Holden Evening Prayer. Then we will gather online the evening of Sunday, February 14th (Transfiguration Sunday) at 7 pm to worship together from our homes. Our sermon will be delivered by Bishop Tim Smith of the North Carolina Synod. And you will see beautiful sights from Lutheridge.

Update: We are no longer accepting submissions for our choir. Thank you to all who participated!

Below are detailed instructions on how to participate. Please submit your video by Friday, January 15th to join in on our Virtual Music Week Choir. Please share this invitation with others who love Music Week.

Instructions for joining the Virtual Choir:

BEFORE you sing: Please watch this brief instructional video with some helpful tips for a successful recording.

First, you need your smartphone to video record yourself.

Second, you need a computer, laptop, tablet, or a second smartphone and a pair of headphones that will connect to this device. We have found it works best to turn up the accompaniment track volume to help you stay on beat and pitch.

Next, you need music! You can either print the PDF of the sheet music or view it on your tablet. Singers, find your music here. C instruments, find your music here.

Click on the link below to hear and sing along with Mark Glaeser & Mark Johanson, from Christ Charlotte:
1. Service of Light
2. Psalm 141 — Low voices sing part 1, high voices sing part 2
3. The Magnificat
4. Prayers
5. Benediction

Please wear a BLACK blouse or shirt: no tie, no pins, minimal jewelry.

Find a quiet area in your home with no audio or visual distractions (ceiling fans, windows, etc.)

Please record yourself on your phone in LANDSCAPE mode (sideways).

Don’t forget to smile!

When finished recording, in LANDSCAPE mode:

We encourage singers to resist the temptation to go back and listen to your recording.

When editing, we will blend your voice in with everyone else’s, and the entire recording will sound wonderful.

Please turn in your video to each of these respective Dropbox folders (you don’t need a Dropbox account to use this feature).
1. Service of Light
2. Psalm 141
3. The Magnificat
4. Prayers
5. Benediction

Thank you for participating in this virtual choir project!