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Zip the Rock II: The Results Are In

On March 26th, Pastor Frank Wagner and his wife, Martina, completed the 900-mile ‘Zip the Rock II’ bike ride that started in Juno Beach, Florida and ended in North Carolina. This incredibly successful event included overnight stays and visits with nine churches. Zip the Rock II helped to raise the final $40,000 of the $120,000 needed for a new zipline at Lutherock.

Pastor Wagner explained how the idea has come full circle: “Three years ago a group of people committed to youth and Camp Lutherock met with two goals in mind, to form faith in youth through outdoor ministry and to increase participation at Camp Lutherock. From those conversations Zip The Rock was born. With the completion of this second ride, it gives Martina and me great joy to see both goals being reached. God gets all the praise! We can’t wait to see the youth zip lining across the Saddle.”

The construction of the zipline and the training of staff are both scheduled to occur before the start
of summer camp 2019 and will provide hundreds of youth and adults a truly unique experience