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Risk Free Registration for Summer 2020

Summer Camp Plans

In this time of uncertainty for our entire global community, we want you to feel confident about camp. With Risk Free Registration you and your camper can register for summer camp at Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs and Lutheranch with certainty. If your camper’s school system is still in session or summer camp programs are not held due to continued health concerns in our wider community your paid registration fees can be applied to any future NovusWay program or fully refunded.

At NovusWay Ministries we believe that summer camp is a place where faith is formed, campers have a fun and challenging experience, and all guests and staff are safe. With these goals in mind, we are continuing to evaluate the status of summer camp in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. We will be communicating our status regularly with parents, campers, pastors, and congregations. To keep up to date on the steps we are taking to keep everyone safe and healthy click here.

Below are the details on Risk Free Registration.

Risk Free Registration will be extended based on the following criteria:

(1) Summer camp is not open: NovusWay Ministries will make the determination of summer camp being held on a site by site basis based upon guidance from the American Camp Association, local health authorities, state and local governments, and the NovusWay Board of Trustees. We will make this determination with the well-being of campers, guests, and staff as our highest priority. We will continue to keep parents and congregations updated at novusway.org and through email communications to those registered.

(2) The registered participant’s school system is still in session: In the case of school still being in session we ask that the camper’s parent or guardian share with NovusWay registration staff the school system in which their camper is enrolled, so that registration staff confirm the school system’s status.

(3) Risk Free Registration only applies to on-site summer camp registrations.

Registered participants will have three options if either of these criteria are met; (1) they may have their paid registration applied to any NovusWay program in the next 12 months, (2) they may have their paid registration fees applied as a charitable gift to the mission and ministry of NovusWay, or (3) they may have their paid registration fee refunded.

This applies to any participant registered for a NovusWay program between June 1st and August 1st, 2020.