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Quilt Camp at Lutheridge

Quilt Camp at Lutheridge is designed to provide a place apart to quilt, gather in the Word, and enjoy God’s good creation. Check back here for upcoming events and pictures from past events.

Upcoming Quilt Camps at Lutheridge

Spring Quilt Camp: April 15 – 18, 2021

Fall Quilt Camp: October 14 – 17, 2021


Quilt Camp Safety Measures During Covid

  1. All guests and staff are required to wear a mask inside and maintain social distances of 6 feet. (Our sewing tables will be a minimum of 8 feet apart.) Each quilter please bring your own iron and pressboard if at all possible. This will minimize our shared spaces. You can make a small press board pretty easily. Please bring your own cutting board as well. I know this is more to carry, but it will help keep down on exposure to each other. We can have someone there to help you unload.
  2. We will eat meals at their sewing tables, or outside on the porch/patio. Same amazing food though!
  3. We will remain at our sewing tables for morning devotions and reflections called Quilted Verse lead by Mitzie Schafer. 
  4. Show and Tell will be done from our sewing tables each night. 

What to Expect at Quilt Camp

– Focus: Quilting, fellowship (distance style) and faith intentionally stitched together.
– BYOP (Bring your own project): Knock out those UFOs, upcoming holiday gifts or something new you just want to make for yourself.
– Talent: There will be a wealth of skill levels and talent. Expect to learn from each other and to support each other…it’s what we quilters do. In addition, Mitzie will be available to everyone, as needed/requested to help you with any project.
– Retreat: Make it your own. If you want or need to go on a walk, workout in the exercise room, sit and reflect, or keep your head down at your sewing machine the entire time, you may. No judgements. Make it your retreat. Set your own goals.
– A Three-Sided Sewing Room: When you arrive, you may choose between three sewing areas in the room. Sew Social (open to chatting while sewing) or Sew Focused (too much to do to be chatty) or Sew Whichever (you are up for whatever conversation happens).
– Quilted Verse: Morning Scripture and devotions to center your day. Lead by Deacon and quilter Mitzie Schafer
– Show and Tell: The first night Show and Tell will be something from home you completed previously. Our second night show and tell will be items/projects worked on during the retreat.
– Casual Dress: The crisp air of fall will be approaching, so choose layers.
– Wonderful Food: Provided by our talented food service staff. If you have allergies or special dietary needs, please let us know. Bring snack and drinks FOR YOURSELF throughout the day.
– Non-sewing Packing: Pack your own hairdryer. Rooms are TV and distraction free. Linens and towels are provided

Fall Quilt Camp 2020

Fall Quilt Camp 2019 Group Photo

Fall Quilt Camp Group Photo 2019