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NovusWay Program Staff Update

As a result of anticipated organizational restructuring both at Lutheridge and NovusWay, Chandler Carriker and Lori Bode are no longer employed by NovusWay in their respective programming roles. Both brought talent and skill to their positions, and we appreciate their work and dedication to the ministry, but the organization is moving in a different direction at this time. We celebrate and bless them as they go forward to use their gifts in new ways. We will keep you posted on updates and changes as the ministry launches its search for the next generation of leadership.


For program related questions you may contact the following staff members:

Lutheridge – Jessica Steele (registration@novusway.org)

Lutherock – Jen Bacher (jbacher@novusway.org)

Luther Springs- Sue Mendenhall (smendenhall@novusway.org)

Lutheranch – Gretchen Ahrens (gahrens@novusway.org)


Board of Trustees:

Charles Bridgers- Georgia

Lee Bugay – South Carolina

Rev. Lauren Carlson – North Carolina

Rev. Susan Crowell – South Carolina

Rev. Bruce Edwards – Florida

Keith Gehl – North Carolina

Gwen Glaeser – North Carolina

Karen Harris – South Carolina

Thomas O’Reilly – Florida

Steve Park – South Carolina

Ranate Patrick – Georgia

Floyd Self – Florida

Rev. Dale Sillik – Georgia

Dr. Keri Smith – North Carolina

Rev. Bill Trexler – Florida