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Music & Arts 2024

Music & Arts 2024

This year, your camper will have the opportunity to choose between 2 of 4 tracks for the week: music & dance, and drama & visual arts, while still enjoying all their favorite camp activities. At the end of the week, campers share what they have been working on all week with final performance.


Campers selecting the music track will share their existing talents and skills, develop new skills, and try a variety of instruments and styles of music in a fun, supportive setting. Drums, keys, guitars, hand chimes and ukuleles will be provided, but all instruments are welcomed and loved! All experience and talent levels as well! Through the process of developing a collaborative end-of-week showcase, campers will learn to harness the magic of music to strengthen connections with themselves, their camp friends, the natural world and all of Creation.

Ryan Glass is a Gen X poet, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and teacher from small town Ohio. Listen to Ryan’s music by searching for Brooklyn-based The Waywords and Asheville-based Record Prophets on your favorite streamers. Ryan has taught piano/percussion/voice/guitar/ukulele privately for 20+ years as well as leading classes and performances of their pre-K music/dance curriculum called What’s Shaking? Music since 2012.


Campers selecting the dance track will discover fun ways to understand and express themselves and the world around them through movement. Come and enjoy the camp experience while learning about dance elements and styles. Play with ways to convey emotion and story in music, and nurture creativity and expressivity. Friendships and the faith-centered community flourish amid fun warm-ups, high-energy dance games, and dance combinations. From streamers to hula-hoops, participants will get inventive with the use of dance props. Originality will be fostered with the exploration of improvisational sequences and some camper-created choreography. No experience is necessary–this track is perfect for those wanting to hone their dance skills as well as those trying it for the first time in a supportive, encouraging all-levels environment. The camp week will wrap up with a celebratory end-of-the-week performance, allowing campers a time to shine and share the fruits of their explorations in faith, body-mind connection, rhythm, collaboration, self-expression, and the ability to perform with confidence.

Jennifer Bull is a dancer and Dance & Theatre educator with 20+ years of experience working with young people in elementary, middle, and high schools. She is trained, knowledgeable, and experienced in designing programs for and working with special needs populations. She is passionate about providing quality, sequential, comprehensive, and standards-based arts education for every student, emphasizing the use of critical thinking skills, and the development of creativity and personal artistic voice.


Campers selecting the drama track will discover how the art of story-making can be a dynamic way to better learn about themselves, understand others, and explore their faith. No experience is necessary as this fun-filled week will meet each camper right where they are and encourage all to share present skills and talents and expand abilities and confidence. Placing a premium on collaboration and creativity, campers will explore scripted scenes, improv games, stage movement, hand & body juggling, creating interesting characters, the history and roots of comedic acting, pantomime and mask play, and the whole page-to-stage process. These will prepare us for an end-of-the-week showcase, allowing us to experience the joy and excitement of live performance.

Vicky Saye Van Horne is a career performer and teaching artist whose work projects include live theatre, film, TV, commercials, voice-overs, public speaking, musical theatre, and musical cabaret. She is an approved Artist-in-Residence for schools K-12 through the South Carolina Arts Commission, and a guest artist for colleges and universities. Vicky has served as the Director of Education at Trustus Theatre (Columbia, SC), adjunct faculty with Newberry College, and Coordinator of Drama Ministries with St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church, (Columbia, SC) and Christ Lutheran (Charlotte, NC). Vicky is a Lutheridge summer staff alumna and has been a frequent summer program leader here for over 30 years.

Visual Arts

Campers who have selected the visual arts track will spend the week developing their techniques in a variety of media including pyrography (woodburning), watercolor, carving, fiber work, as well as a variety of traditional craft traditions. Campers can experiment with a variety of media, or choose one technique and hone their skills. All levels of experience are welcome. We will be creating many art projects and friendships. We will be creating in an accepting atmosphere surrounded by friends. All are welcome! Join us, and let us see what we can create!

Claire Teuber is a career educator. She has developed visual arts programs for elementary, middle, and high school students. Claire spent more than 30 years in the low-country of South Carolina working as a middle school art teacher. She has spent many years as a youth group leader, and is a former Lutheridge Area Director, counselor, and camper.