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Intentional Interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Job Description

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NovusWay Ministries, a four-site outdoor ministry of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, is seeking a dynamic and experienced professional to serve as the  Intentional Interim Chief Executive Officer located in Arden, NC. A qualified applicant should posses a  growing understanding and appreciation for the unique ministry of church camps and retreat centers. Employment is contingent upon successful background check and pre-employment drug screening clearance.

Applicants should provide a cover letter, resume and at least three references as a PDF attachment or by USPS mail by December 13, 2021 to:

NovusWay Selection Committee

PO Box 830

Arden, NC 28704



Job Description (click here for a printable copy)


MISSION: Providing places set apart to inspire and empower all in Christ’s love.

VISIONThat all who come experience God’s love in community and creation, then go to love and serve.


NovusWay, Inc. is a progressive and growing outdoor ministry in the southeastern United States that includes the ecologically diverse camps and retreat centers of Lutheridge (North Carolina), Lutherock (North Carolina), Luther Springs (Florida), and Lutheranch (Georgia).


NovusWay was historically and is a ministry supported by the Florida/Bahamas Synod, the North Carolina Synod, the South Carolina Synod, and the Southeastern Synod (Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, Tennessee) of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Its Board of Trustees consists of both lay and ELCA rostered members confirmed by these Synods in addition to “at large” members elected directly by the Board.


NovusWay has been in a long-term effort to differentiate its financial support to include roughly equal reliance on 1) traditional summer camp and staff-led programs throughout the year; 2) hosted ministry programs during which NovusWay staff provide primarily logistical support; 3) support from donors through annual and planned gifts.



The Intentional Interim Chief Executive Officer of NovusWay shall be committed to Jesus Christ and the Church and be dedicated to working in a church-related organization.  S/he will uphold the established organizational values of NovusWay, which shall be reflected in policy, procedure, and communication.  S/he shall have a growing understanding and appreciation for the unique ministry of church camps and retreat centers as special settings for Christian education, growth and nurture, and an environment that fosters a sense of call to either rostered or lay leadership. S/he has experience in camps or outdoor ministry.  S/he will understand leading and overseeing programs in multiple locations and must be willing to travel to each site to promote positive relationships and oversight with staff, guests, and donors. S/he shall manifest a genuine and sincere Christian spirit, deal openly and graciously with all people, and joyfully cooperate with those whom s/he serves in the following ministry description.  S/he shall be knowledgeable and skilled in working with a Board, effectively leading and supervising people, creating and promoting a positive and nurturing work environment through strong personnel practices and open and transparent written and verbal communication.

S/he shall ensure effective public relations, establish an effective organizational structure, support donor development, and fundraising efforts.

The Intentional Interim CEO shall be elected by and accountable to the Board of Trustees.



The Intentional Interim Chief Executive Officer shall ensure the overall operations and ministries of the four NovusWay camps.  S/he shall work under the supervision of and report to the Board of Trustees implementing the strategic vision set forth by the Board and through policies and directions of the Board. In addition, S/he shall have the following specific responsibilities.


  1. Visioning and Strategic Planning

Work in partnership with the Board and staff to develop and implement a vision and strategic plan that accomplishes the mission and vision for NovusWay, together with master site plans to provide the facilities to accomplish the programs and mission.  Regular progress reports will be provided to the Board to monitor performance.


  1. Programs

Work through program staff to provide relevant year-round, Christ-centered programs for all ages and cross-cultural communities in harmony with the NovusWay mission and vision.  Establish outcomes measures to assess program quality, engagement, and effectiveness. Engage in regular travel to NovusWay sites.


  1. Marketing/Sales

Work through staff to establish and implement an annual marketing and sales plan.  Give special attention to marketing and sales plans that reach out to organizations, traditions, and groups not affiliated with the ELCA.  Lead efforts to increase revenue at all sites from sources outside the Lutheran network, including hosted programming groups that would use the conference centers without our programming support.


  1. Resource Development

Support the implementation of the annual Development Plan to procure the funds and people (volunteers and staff) to support the operational, development, and long-range needs of NovusWay and its sites.  The Intentional Interim CEO will encourage and secure the participation of leaders to serve as staff, Board, committee members, and donors.  Accept personal responsibility for significant donors and anticipate extensive travel throughout the seven-state constituency.


  1. Public Image

Create an annual public relations strategy to facilitate a positive public image for NovusWay with ELCA Churchwide office, ELCA Synods, the congregations of the four-member synods, and related professional associations.  Maintain strong relationships with key agencies and institutions and collaborate with new partners to extend the ministry.


  1. Budget and Capital Funds

Actively engage in the development and oversight of the annual budget.  Provide leadership to enable good stewardship and management of the annual operating budget, capital funds, and endowment funds for NovusWay.


  1. Staff and Consultants

Overall supervision for all staff. Direct supervision of key staff, including their nurture and continuing education, providing a professional, supportive and engaging work environment. Direct reports currently consist of:

  • Finance and Support Services Executive Director (CFO)
  • Financial Development Executive Director
  • Lutheridge Executive Director
  • Lutherock Executive Director
  • Lutheranch Executive Director
  • Luther Springs Executive Leadership Team
  • Consultants for Business Development, Community Engagement, Financial Development, etc
  • Director of Human Resources (future)

In addition, the Intentional Interim CEO will ensure strong personnel policies, procedures, and practices are in place to support a strong and nurturing work culture for all staff.

  1. Administration

Ensure that sites, facilities, and activities comply with all applicable local, state, federal laws and statutes and comply with American Camp Association standards and accreditation.

  1. Board of Trustees

The Intentional Interim CEO shall be accountable to the Board of Trustees.  S/he is an ex-offico nonvoting member of the Board and is responsible for providing education, organization updates, financial accountability, program dashBoards, strategic plan progress (as examples) for their awareness and oversight.

S/he shall attend all Board meetings and work closely with the Board Chair to coordinate and prepare for Board meetings. In addition, regularly communicate with the Board and provide needed staff assistance for the work of the Board, committees, and task forces.

S/he shall work with the Board to recruit and develop present and future Board members.   S/he shall participate in an annual performance review by the Board as defined in the evaluation procedure, during which time the Board evaluates their performance.


Continuing Education

The Intentional Interim Chief Executive Officer shall seek to improve their understanding and skills in the fields related to their duties and responsibilities by engaging in continuing education programs as approved by the Board with time and funding outlined in the personnel policies and annual budget.  Upon completion of the programs, s/he shall submit a brief report to the Board.


Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary commensurate with experience and effectiveness.
  • The Intentional Interim Chief Executive Officer shall be an exempt employee with health, dental, disability insurance, pension, vacation, and continuing education provided according to personnel policies.
  • Eligible for a 12-week sabbatical every seventh year and in accord with NovusWay policy.
  • Office shall be provided in the NovusWay corporate headquarters.
  • A vehicle will be provided for NovusWay travel, with expenses approved monthly by the Treasurer.