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Day of Giving

Updated: Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Day of Giving Was a HUGE Success Thanks to YOU!

We are pleased to announce, as more gifts continue to arrive, that our Day of Giving held on Wednesday, July 29th was a huge success. The Day of Giving was our official launch of the Light the Fire appeal to bridge the gap to summer camp 2021. This appeal was born from a need to sustain the ministry after the significant loss of revenue from Covid-19 health and safety issues. Our goal for the day was 500 gifts and camp friends, WE DID IT! As a result of YOUR generosity, the camp has been gifted an additional $100,000 in challenge gift dollars!

Total Gifts: 532 (465 Above and Beyond Gifts and 71 Recurring Gifts)

Total giving from the efforts of the day exceed $226,000!!! Friends, this is an amazing start to the $1.8 million dollar Light the Fire appeal! We are blown away and SO grateful!

It isn’t too late to give. Click here to give now.

Our special thanks to more than 70 volunteers and staff who helped make the day possible. Our thanks to all those who gave knowing that the work of camp is God’s work. Your generosity and this effort serves to support our holy work of forming faith and developing leaders for the church and world. During this time of distance due to Covid, we feel deeply the loss of what camp does best, but we were not given a spirit of cowardice. Rather we were given a spirit of power, love, and self-discipline. We will use these God given gifts to keep this vital community connected in spirit and virtually until that glorious day when we can once again gather in these sacred spaces.

Now What? Light the Fire

Now friends, we continue in the same spirit of generosity and community, lifting each other and the ministry up in prayer and support. The Day of Giving was a beginning to the next 10 months of work needed to come back strong for summer camp 2021. It has been said of the ministry that summer camp and program registrations fully support the ministry. Friends this could not be further from the truth. In a “normal” year, the ministry is supported by retreat rentals and generous donations so that we can provide life changing programs, camps, and experiences in God’s good creation. Covid has brought this need to light in so many ways. Your annual gift to the ministry IS the very resource that allows for summer camp counselors to build relationships with campers. Your annual gift creates the space for program staff to develop young adult leaders each summer. Whether this is your first gift to the ministry or your 100th gift, now we move forward to our goal of $1.8 million between now and May 31, 2020. We continue to press toward our goal of 400 recurring gifts as they provide the greatest level of sustainability and security for the ministry.

To learn more about the Light the Fire appeal click here. Click here to give to the Light the Fire Appeal. Thank you for being a SPARK!


Updated: Wednesday, July 29, 2020

SPECIAL CHALLENGE GIFT UPDATE! $200 for every gift that day!

We are excited to share that a generous donor has challenged us to reach our goal of 500 gifts! For EVERY gift given toward the Day of Giving (up to our 500 gift goal) he will give an extra $200! That means that if we reach our goal, camp will receive an additional $100,000! Let’s crush this challenge-camp style! What do you say?

Our thanks to this long time friend of camp for then generous challenge gift!

Wednesday, July 29, 2020 – LIVE on Facebook at YouTube starting at 8:00 AM with Morning Watch!

As part of the Light the Fire Appeal for Summer Camp 2021, we are hosting a Day of Giving on Wednesday, July 29th 2020. We will be live at the top of every hour from each of our social media pages on Facebook and YouTube. We will begin the day with Morning Watch at 8:00 am. We will be sharing camp stories and updates all day. We will close our day with a Campfire at 7:00 PM and Vespers at 8:00 PM. We invite you to stay with us all day, because you never know who will visit that day! Click on any of the links below to watch our live stream beginning at 8 am:

Lutheridge Facebook    Lutherock Facebook    Luther Springs Facebook   Lutheranch Facebook

Lutheridge YouTube     Lutherock YouTube    Luther Springs YouTube     Lutheranch YouTube


  • 500 GIFTS! 250 Recurring & 250 Above and Beyond

    • We have set a goal of 500 gifts for the day. We want 250 of those to be recurring gifts and 250 to be ‘above and beyond’ gifts.
      • WHAT IS A RECURRING GIFT? A recurring gift is when someone sets up a new monthly gift and each month that amount comes out of a bank account or credit card. These types of gifts allow the ministry to plan and budget, especially in times like we are experiencing today. You can think of it like “subscribing to camp.” You can set up a recurring gift using the GREEN donate button in the top right corner of this page.
      • WHAT IS AN ‘ABOVE AND BEYOND’ GIFT? Through the Light the Fire Appeal, we have set a goal of $1.8 million. In a regular, non-Covid, year, we work to raise $1.2 million to provide this amazing ministry that forms faith and leaders. An ‘above and beyond’ gift means that our camp friends give what they normally give each year, and on this day, they give a bit more.


  • YOU MAY GET A CALL FROM CAMP: 70 of our amazing camp friends have volunteered to call 1000 people between Sunday, July 26th and Wednesday, July 29th. We know that in today’s world, we often don’t answer numbers we don’t know, so we want you to know IT MIGHT BE A CAMP FRIEND CALLING YOU! So, we hope you will answer, and be nice to them…because it takes courage and passion to make these calls.
  • WHAT IF YOU DON’T GET A CALL FROM CAMP: Don’t worry! We have SOOOO many camp friends, and we will work to call as many as we can, but if you don’t get a call, that isn’t a bad thing…it just means we can’t get to everyone. You can still participate though! You can give right here online by clicking the GREEN donate button in the top right corner.


  • Online at www.novusway.org and click the GREEN DONATE button. There you can start a recurring gift or make a one day above and beyond gift.
  • Text 803-413-7827 with your name and a volunteer will call you back to take your gift over the phone. They can take a one-time gift or a recurring gift for you.
  • Call the camp phone at 828-684-2361 and a volunteer will take your payment information over the phone to make your above and beyond gift or your new recurring gift.
  • Mail a check payable to NovusWay Ministries to: NovusWay Inc., PO Box 830, Arden, NC 28704. Put Day of Giving in the Memo Line.

THE DAY’S SCHEDULE: (Check back for updates)

8:00 AM – Morning Watch Live from Camp

(more information forming now…stories, skits…)

1:00 PM – FOB (Flat on Bunk) – but don’t actually nap – join us on social media

3:00 PM – Pastors Tim and Mary Canniff-Kuhn

7:00 PM – Campfire Live from Camp

8:00 PM – Vespers Live from Camp