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The Link Newsletter – November 2020

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For two people who were never campers or summer staff, Pastor Eric and Kristi Childers are camp friends through and through. “My family moved while I was in middle school, and I missed Campfirmation at both churches that summer,” said Kristi. Kristi’s first visit to Lutheridge was with Eric during candidacy with the NC Synod. “I remember Pastor Tim playing his guitar and singing Holden Evening Prayer. It was beautiful and spoke to me.” Both Eric and Kristi were students at Lenoir-Rhyne University (College then) and remember people wearing Lutheridge sweatshirts around campus. Fast forward several years and it was Kristi who fanned a flame of camp in their new congregation where Eric was now the pastor. “I stood up at Mt. Olive in Cherryville and asked if any of the women wanted to go with me to Wild Women,” she said. “My good friend Meredith Gerhard West had made it sound so wonderful. To my surprise, 19
women from the congregation joined me. We went back each year after that, and now St. Matthews goes.” (To keep reading click here.)

Start reading the Link Q4 November 2020 now!

The stories this quarter are amazing!

People really answered our call for Camp Stories and you won’t be disappointed! We wish we could have used them all, but there just isn’t space. We will continue to email out a new story the first Thursday of each month and includes others as we are able on additional Thursdays.

Important Update

This edition also includes an important update on the camp and the Light the Fire Appeal.