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NovusWay-Lutheran Services Carolinas Announcement

NovusWay is excited to announce that the Board of Directors for Lutheran Services Carolinas (“LSC”) has recently approved an investment in NovusWay of $1,050,000, which will transfer the ownership of the land occupied by Trinity View to LSC.  The formal transaction is expected to close in the next 30 days.

The relationship between Trinity View and NovusWay goes back more than 30 years, as both organizations have sought to cooperate to provide a shared ministry across the generations.  To facilitate the original construction of Crescent View, now Trinity View, Lutheridge leased the land at a nominal charge.

As the mission for both organizations have evolved over time, the Boards of LSC and NovusWay agreed that it would be in the best interests of both organizations for LSC to obtain outright ownership of the Trinity View land at a price reflective of the special relationship between the two facilities.  In addition, to facilitate anticipated future needs, LSC has an option to purchase from NovusWay up to an additional three acres adjoining the current Trinity View site, which would not adversely impact Lutheridge’s ability to serve its mission.  Such a sale would occur at a future time and reflect a reasonable market price.

Dick Peterson, the Intentional Interim CEO of NovusWay shared the importance of receiving these funds at this time.  “This investment from our longtime partner LSC will be utilized to help address the continuing pandemic impacts from the closures and more restricted operations of the NovusWay camps these last few years.  In addition, this will provide some much-needed funding for maintenance and repairs at Lutheridge and our other camps along with some additional funding for programming that benefits all our campers.”

All four NovusWay camps – Lutheridge, Lutherock, Luther Springs, and Lutheranch – are expecting to operate a full slate of programs this summer, close to pre-pandemic operations.  NovusWay achieves important cost savings and operational synergies by operating four camps.  However, the NovusWay Board continues to address a variety of long-term financial challenges, such as aging infrastructure, inflation, new technology, and updated programming necessary to keep all of our camps relevant and attractive to youth and adults.  To support its ministry, NovusWay will continue to seek financial support through the gracious gifts of our participants and benefactors as well as strategic opportunities that enhance our operations and growth without adversely impacting our ability to deliver a variety of faith-filled experiences.