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Join Adam Hopkins in Giving Back!

Adam recently wrote, “I found out that there was a staff alumni fundraising campaign and without any hesitation at all, I knew I would give back. Staff from years gone by have “grown-up” and gotten “real” jobs, but hopefully have never forgotten their time at camp and what it meant to be a light for Christ and bring campers closer to God; we’ve moved away from each other, some of us have lost contact with old co-workers but the memories have hopefully stayed with us.”

Adam committed a monthly automatic recurring commitment using his credit card to help install lighting for the new swimming pool at Lutheridge. Just under $11,000 has been committed toward the $23,000 goal. Others are invited to Join Adam by making a one-time gift or through the automatic reoccurring commitment where $5, $10 or $15 a month is automatically charged to your credit card or withdrawn from your checking account. If you would like to use the AW method of giving, please contact Margo Rabon at mrabon@NovusWay.org.

Adam went on to say, “I was proud to be a part of the 50th Anniversary of Lutheridge staff and there was a great celebration during the summer that invited all kinds of people who were former staff and campers and donors to catch up and reunite with each other. Seeing that made me realize that Lutheridge was way bigger than just one summer staff but a culmination of 49 previous years of staff that kept this amazing ministry serving. If they had not been successful, there would not be a Lutheridge for me to work at and do the whole crazy camp counselor thing. We have a responsibility to pass this on to the next generations…While I haven’t been back to camp since I left in 2002, I have always wanted to get back there to see it. I know it has changed and it’s our job to make sure it keeps improving for the next summer’s campers. When I heard that Lutheridge needed something from past staff members my response was a no-brainer to give back.”

Adam concluded his reflections by encouraging other staff alumni to join him in making a gift to help install lighting for the new swimming pool, “I know not all of us have the means of writing a huge check for large sums of money for a capital campaign, but we can surely start with something as small as $10 a month. That’s like giving up a cup of coffee, or a trip to McDonalds…We as alumni had our predecessors and now we are predecessors for the current crop of staff. Right now Lutheridge needs some new lighting for the new pool, so take some time and pray about it and go wherever you feel God is leading you in giving back to the place where hopefully you have had some great memories and ensure it for others to build upon for their lives.”

Thanks and God Bless,

Adam Hopkins

Luther Springs 1999-2000, Lutheridge 2001-2002

A Big Thank you to Our Staff Alumni Donors!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Adden
  • Ms. Christy R. Agner
  • Ms. Sarah M. Barnhart
  • Ms. Elma Jean Beatty
  • The Rev. and Mrs. Mark S. Beatty
  • Mr. and Mrs. Gary K. Bedenbaugh
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Burton
  • Ms. Sherann Bush
  • Mr. and Mrs. Nathan Cook
  • Mrs. Jan W. Dillon
  • Mr. and Mrs. Robert H. Duncan
  • Ms. Rae Eagle
  • Ms. Amanda Wilson Farwick
  • Mr. and Mrs. Neal Gaston
  • The Rev. Dr. and Mrs. Richard B. Graf
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Harvin
  • Mr. Adam Hopkins
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry G. Kallam
  • Chaplain and Mrs. James W. Kinney
  • Ms. Linda E. Lael
  • Maj. and Mrs. Curtis B. Lee
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Lee
  • The Revs. Kristopher and Virginia Litman-Koon
  • Ms. Mitzi McLean
  • Ms. Jennifer Propst
  • The Rev. Sara Stall-Ryan
  • The Rev. and Mrs. Judson Merrell
  • The Rev. and Mrs. Bill B. Mims
  • The Rev. and Mrs. Darrell Norris
  • Mr. and Mrs. Stephen W. Park
  • Mr. and Mrs. Frederick L. Park
  • The Rev. and Mrs. Donald R. Poole
  • The Rev. and Mrs. G. David Swygert
  • Mr. and Mrs. C. John Watts